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In these recent years the technology has been getting improved in all the fields so is in agriculture. There are many apps being established in India for the welfare of the farmers. So, we have the list of some of the best agriculture apps that are very useful for everyone especially for Indian farmers. These apps are very beneficial as they provide a lot of information regarding the latest technologies, schemes, policies and many other things that every farmer should know for better farming. Here is the list of some of the best agriculture apps with many excellent features that are very valuable for every Indian farmer.

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Agri App

Agri App is one of the most preferred and the most popular app among the Indian farmers with the rating of 4.4 and have around 1 million users who have downloaded this app. This agriculture app has an amazing service where the farmers can contact to agriculture experts for any kind of help or any issue regarding agriculture.

Iffco Kisan App

Iffco Kisan App is also one of the best apps for farming which is the choice of many people with have an option of 10 languages for easy navigation. This app also provides latest information on many other stuffs such as the current price of goods in the market, whether forecast, many farming tips for better growth of crops. The famers can also connect to the expert for any doubt or suggestions.

Agri Media Video App

Agri Media Video App is also one of the best apps for farming with the rating of 4.8. the main feature of this app is that the farmers can have a chat with the experts and provides many videos related to latest technologies, agricultural practice, news, schemes and many other related things to agriculture.

These are some of the best agriculture apps that could be used by kisan for better knowledge on agriculture. These apps not only provide information related to the latest technologies but also about the latest news on government schemes and policies. They also provide information on various topics related to whether forecast, the ongoing market rate, video and many other things related to agriculture. We hope you have liked this article ad found it interesting and you have got all the information you were looking for. Keep visiting to not miss out on the latest post related to agriculture.

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