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Harvesting is one the most important part of farming as it the main process to be done once the grains, cereals or any products are grown. Basically, harvesting is all about the process of removing the plants entirely from the maturity and then the next process is done accordingly. Harvesting can be done manually or by machines, but harvesting manually is a little difficult than compared to machines. For small farms, harvesting is still manageable but for big firms it is very difficult to harvest manually. So, here we have the list of some of the harvesting machine price in India that could be used for easier work.

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Turner Tools

Turner tools comes with the petrol brush cutter with tiller and paddy attachments. The efficiency of this product depends on labour and land. The harvesting machine price in India is around 11,500.


Sharpex is a 16-inch push manual lawn mower which comes with grass chatcher and is classic for lawn mower. It comes with steel blades and is very easy to use. The price of this product can cost you around 7000 to 8000 in INR.

Labdhi international

Labdhi international is a 4 stroke od heavy duty for petrol operated and agriculture brush cutter. This product also has grass cutter, grass trimmer machine which has a paddy attachment and a mower for farm and garden. The price of this product may cost you around 14,000 INR to 15,000 INR.

Vardhman power reaper

Vardhman power reaper is a power reaper which is self propelled. This is a 3FD diesel model which is mainly for Mini harvester. This harvesting machine is a bit expensive; the price of this product is a round 1,18,000.

Wolf Garten

Wolf Garten is a multi star push pull weeder. Also, it is for a soil miller, crumbler which is without handle. This price of this product is around 2000 INR.

These are some of the best harvesting machine price in India which could be used by farmers for a simpler and easier work. These products are of very good quality and easily available in market. We hope you have liked this article and found it interesting and helpful. We hope you have got all the information that you are looking for. For any further enquires or suggestion you can feel free to contact us. Keep visiting to not miss out on any latest post related to harvesting, agriculture and organic farming.

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