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India is a country which is popularly known for its farming and farmers, human race is fully dependent on food and the place from where we can get food is farm and agriculture. India is a agricultural country that consists of millions of farmers who cultivate their field and grow crops and vegetables. There are few equipment that are must for every farmers to cultivate their field and among all of them Tractors are the most important one. In this article we will discuss some of the best Mini Tractors in India along with the mini tractor price India. Follow the mentioned list below:

  • Mahindra JIVO 245:

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Mahindra is one of the leading tractor manufacturing company in India, they have hundreds of models in various range of tractors and Mahindra JIVO 245 is one of them in the range of mini tractors. This tractors is the most sold mini tractors in India which has engine power of 24 HP along with 2 cylinders and 4 Wheel Drive. Priced at 3.65 lakh on road this mini tractor has lifting capacity of 750 Kgf. This tractor has higher ground clearance and is best suited for spraying in vineyards and intercultural operations.

  • Kubota B2741 Neostar:

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If you are looking for a fuel efficient tractor then the Kubota B2741 Neostar is the best mini tractor to buy. It comes with ECO-PTO technology which gives 30% less fuel efficiency. This tractor is easily accessable for tough conditions on Indian farms, the machine is powered with 27 HP 3 cylinders 4 Wheel drive engine which has fuel tank capacity of 23 Ltr and 750 Kgf of lifting capacity. The Kubota B2741 Neostar mini tractor price India is around 5.45 Lakhs on road.

  • VST Shakti MT 270 Viraat:

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Powered by 27 HP 4 Cylinders and 4 Wheel Drive engine VST Shakti MT 270 viraat is one of the best mini tractors in India. It can perform all the major operations in the field and can implement cultivator, seed drill front end loader, baler, plough and many more. It has a fuel tank capacity of 18 Ltr which makes this tractor one of the fuel efficient tractor as well. Priced at 4.22 lakhs this tractor is a one piece machine that can do all the farm jobs to reduce the hard-work of a farmer.

The above mentioned were the list of mini tractor price India, hope you liked the article and the information we have provided. Thank you for reading,

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